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Great Australian Places


Funny, curious and downright astonishing stories from across a big country

By Graham Seal

Australia’s master storyteller takes us all around the country, uncovering tales of unsolved crimes, early exploration and military exploits, fascinating natural phenomena and iconic destinations.

Wherever you go in Australia, you’ll stumble across traces of ancient settlement, remnants of exploration, yarns from the roaring days of gold and bushranging, unexplained events and a never-ending cast of eccentric characters.

Graham Seal takes us on a storytelling tour, from iconic destinations to tiny settlements, remote landmarks and little-known corners of this vast continent. He discovers the true stories behind the immortal Aussie songs about the pub with no beer and the land where the crow flies backwards. He visits sites precious to First Nations people and others precious to recent arrivals; he uncovers hair-raising stories in dangerous places; and he tracks down the elusive Everywhere Man. He also investigates mysterious natural phenomena and unsolved crimes, and takes us to locations of gruesome crimes and secret installations.

Whether you’re planning a road trip or indulging in an evening of armchair travel, Graham Seal’s Great Australian Places will surprise, amuse and entertain you.

ISBN: 9781761067136
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: 29 Nov 2022
Pages: 352
Format: Large Paperback


About the author:

Graham Seal is Emeritus Professor of Folklore at Curtin University. He is a leading expert on Australian cultural history and the bestselling author of Great Australian Stories, Larrikins, Bush Tales and Other Great Australian Stories, Great Convict Stories, Australia's Funniest Yarns and Great Australian Mysteries.