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What's for Dinner?


By Jill Griffiths

The plants, animals and farmers that feed us and what our choices mean for them and the planet.

What are we really eating? How do we eat in a way that nourishes us and does least harm to the environment? What exactly do farmers do? Should the world go vegan? Do food miles matter?

Never before has so much food been produced by so few people to feed so many. Never before have Australian consumers been so disconnected from their food production, yet so interested in how it is done.

What’s for Dinner? delves into the way our food is grown and our responsibilities as eaters. Weaving together science, history and lived experience, What’s for Dinner? takes readers on a journey to meet the plants, animals and people who put the food on our plates. It’s a book for anyone who eats.

Read Serena Kirby’s review for ARR.News:
… a blend of science, history and lived experience … this book certainly shines a light on what we put on our plates. Highly recommended reading.

ISBN: 9781760763169
Format: Large Paperback 15.4 x 23.3 cm
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd
Publication Date: 30 May 2023
Pages: 304


About the author:

Jill Griffiths is an acclaimed science writer based in Western Australia. She has written extensively within the fields of environmental, agricultural and life sciences, and has worked with world-renowned researchers to bring their stories and findings to the broader public. Her words appear on environmental interpretation panels in many national parks across Western Australia, and she has worked behind the scenes on many publications.

Jill is interested in the places, both physical and ideological, where people and nature intersect, where our biological reality meets our modern selves. Regardless of how clever technology becomes, we remain intricately caught in natural rhythms and cycles. Jill is interested in what that means for us as individuals, for humanity as a whole, and for the planet we call home.