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The Deed


By Susannah Begbie

‘Now that’s the way to bury your old man … he sank into his Jason recliner, wincing. A burial: a body wrapped in handwoven cloth, women dancing and wailing. Too much, in Tom’s opinion, but at least they were mourning. To hell with that, at least they showed up.’

Tom Edwards is dying, and cranky. He’s made his peace with the dying part. But he’d bet his property – the whole ten thousand acres of it – that there’d be no wailing at his funeral. His kids wouldn’t be able to chop down a tree, let alone build a coffin to bury him in.

Then Tom has an idea …

Christine is furious, David ashen-faced, and Sophie distracted. Only Jenny listens carefully as Vince Barton, of Barton & Sons, reads their father’s will. Either they build his coffin – in four days – or they lose their inheritance. All of it.

A perceptive and unforgettable debut novel, The Deed explores the messy, sometimes volatile, complications that only the best and worst of family can bring. Sometimes greed can be good.

Read Aedeen Cremin’s review for ARR.News and her author interview with Susannah Begbie:
A black comedy that becomes a feel-good novel? Hard to believe, but this book manages it and does so with style and charm. 

ISBN: 9780733650796
Format: Large Paperback
Publisher: Hachette Australia
On Sale: 1st May 2024
Pages: 352


About the author:

Susannah Begbie grew up in rural New South Wales on a sheep farm and is now a GP who has worked all over Australia. In 2006, Susannah started a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing at Canberra University and was awarded the Editor's Pick for her short story 'Fly to Meet You' in the University's First Anthology. She was also awarded the best-written text for her children's book Don't You Dare! in The Get Real Project. The Deed is her first novel.