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By Annie O’Moon-Browning

Brisbane. Pre Expo ’88. Rosanna walks into Anna’s art therapy. She is delusional. Prostituted. Homeless. The government deems her unfit for parenting. Caught up in Brisbane’s underbelly, she fights to reclaim her children. As Rosanna’s story unravels, Anna’s past begins to reveal itself.

An elusive familiarity haunts their relationship. What ties these two women together?

Rosanna is a deeply Australian story of hidden truths within the glory of our wild landscapes. It illuminates the healing force of sisterhood; holds the charm of Celtic folklore; and shows the power of our human will to regain dignity out of the destruction of culture.

ISBN: 9781923105096
Publisher: Hawkeye Publishing
Pub Date: 20th April 2024
Pages: 258
Format: Large Paperback


About the author:

Annie O’Moon-Browning is a Meeanjin-Brisbane author of Australian fiction. Her love of her fellow human, her sensitivity to our journeys and her delight in discovering what emerges, infuse her writing with intrigue. Her power as storyteller comes from her magical Celtic-Jewish heritage, her immersion into the counterculture of the 1970’s and her lifetime of writing.

Annie is a short story narrator, poet and chronicler of all things human. She loves to dance Tango, couldn’t do without her monthly book and writers’ groups, and is addicted to literary genius. Wherever possible she travels to exotic and wild locations to indulge her passion for culture, landscapes and the inspiration they impart to her writing.