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Rainforest Country


By Kaisa & Stanley Breeden

Few places in Australia are of such pivotal ecological importance as the tropical rainforests of northeast Queensland. Stunning in their diversity and vigour, they tell the story of flowering plant evolution. Rainforest Country captures not only the moods and cycles of this unique area, but its very essence.

In Rainforest Country Kaisa and Stanley Breeden bring their photographic innovation and vision to Queensland’s tropical rainforest – with striking results.

ISBN: 9781921888601
Dimensions: 29.5x25.5cm
Pages: 240
Publication year: 2012
Publisher: Fremantle Press


About the authors:

Stanley Breeden began photography as a teenager in the late 1950s. He has published books on Australian and Indian wildlife and has contributed to most major English-language nature magazines. Stan has been the recipient of two Emmy Awards for his work as a documentary maker with National Geographic.

Kaisa Breeden is a third-generation artist who is captivated by the mastery of digital photography and fine-art printing. Since convincing her husband Stan to go digital, the pair have specialised in macro nature photography using natural light.