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New Year's Eve


By Sarah Todman

Being born on the last day of the year has never done Eve Anderson any favours, but this year her birthday set off a series of rolling explosions rather than fireworks.

An affair with a married man just crashed and burned, her career is in tatters, and now there’s a phone call from her mother that she can’t ignore.

Eve is forced to slink back to the outback town she ditched at 18 and face the family she’s actively ignored since, the teenage love she never forgot, and the pub (or is that “family home”?—you say potato, I say “po-taa-to”!) that holds too many of her secrets.

Packed with heart, humour, and romance, get ready to fall in love with New Year’s Eve.

ISBN: 9781923105171
Publisher: Hawkeye Publishing
Pub Date: 2nd May 2024
Pages: 250
Format: Large Paperback


About the author:

Sarah grew up in an outback Queensland pub surrounded by siblings (she has seven), and an ever-changing cast of colourful pub characters. It was an extraordinary childhood that gave her a love of people and their stories, as well as the ability to pour a perfect beer.

She studied journalism at university, and in a writing career that now spans more than two decades she has been a tabloid journalist, magazine editor, communications consultant, content writer, and creative entrepreneur.

Sarah loves earl grey tea, books that make her cry, and music that makes her sing (even though she can’t). She lives in Brisbane with her husband and four children (because eight seemed like too much hard work).

New Year’s Eve is her first novel.