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Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow


By K. M. Steele

Mallory Cash is not your typical jewel thief. But she’s not the only one in Australia’s opal
kingdom, Coober Pedy. Three others want the prized Virgin Rainbow opal. Stealing the opal
was easy, but the escape…

The ensuant chase across the dry, hot desert to a chilly Canada and finally coming to rest in
the tropical Whitsunday region will raise your temperature and cool it in an instant. Who
will end up with the prized opal? Mallory has the chance to redeem herself and end the
Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow. Or will greed overtake her and put her behind bars for a very
long time?

ISBN: 9780645084429
Publisher: Hawkeye Publishing
Pub Date: 17th June 2021
Pages: 142
Format: Paperback


About the author:

Author K. M. Steele’s debut novel, Return to Tamarlin, was longlisted for the 2018 Davitt
Sisters in Crime Award, and now she’s released the hilarious pulp fiction mashup, Hunt for
the Virgin Rainbow, with Hawkeye Publishing. She has previously published short stories,
poetry, essays, articles and reviews in Colloquy, Australian Book Review, Australian ejournal of Theology, Transnational Literature, Antipodes and Living Now, and in 2020 she was signed by Hawkeye Publishing for Hunt for the Virgin Rainbow.