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Fences of Australia


By Jack Bradshaw

From stone to post and rail, from the utilitarian to the sculptural, a well-built fence is a thing of beauty and a monument to workmanship. These practical but symbolic structures are part of the story of Australia.

Starting with 7,000-year-old Aboriginal fish traps and ending with a look into the future with virtual fencing, Jack Bradshaw traces the history of Australia’s fences in words and pictures.

ISBN: 9781925164947
Dimensions: 15x19cm
Pages: 104
Publication year: 2017
Publisher: Fremantle Press


About the author:

Jack Bradshaw is a retired forester from the south-west of Western Australia. He worked for the Department of Conservation and Land Management and its predecessor, the Forests Department of Western Australia, before becoming a consultant in native forest management and silviculture. Jack has travelled extensively in Australia with his wife, Sue, over a number of years, with a particular interest in photographing rural fencing and exploring its history.