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Clear to the Horizon


By Dave Warner

In 1999 and 2000, three young women disappear from outside the Autostrada nightclub in the Perth suburb of Claremont. Knockabout Snowy Lane is hired as a private investigator, but neither he nor the cops can find the abductor. Seventeen years on, the daughter of a wealthy mining magnate goes missing in the north-west, and Snowy is hired to find her.

In the tropical town of Broome, a spate of local thefts puts Snowy and Detective Inspector Dan Clement back on the trail of the cold-case killer.

Snowy is determined that this time he will get his man, even if it costs him his life.

ISBN: 9781925164459
Dimensions: C Format: 23x15.2cm
Pages: 380
Publication year: 2017
Publisher: Fremantle Press


About the author:

Dave Warner is an author, musician and screenwriter. He has written nine novels and six non-fiction books. His first novel, City of Light, won the Western Australian Premier’s Book Award for Fiction, and Before it Breaks (2015) the Ned Kelly Award for best Australian crime fiction. His novel Clear to the Horizon features the lead characters from both these books. Dave Warner first came to national prominence with his gold album Mug’s Game, and his band Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs. In 2017 he released his tenth album, When. He has been named a Western Australian State Living Treasure and has been inducted into the WAMi Rock’n’Roll of Renown.