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Cape Arid


By Philippa & Alex Nikulinsky

Husband-and-wife team Philippa and Alex Nikulinsky journey into isolated outback regions, often staying for months at a time, to paint the Australian bush.

Cape Arid National Park is a fascinating and remote area on the far south-eastern coast of Western Australia. Braving howling winds, grit, sleet, 43-degree heat and thousands of flies, the Nikulinskys travel rough sandy tracks to be rewarded by shimmering seas, islands and unique flora and fauna.

ISBN: 9781922089007
Dimensions: 23.3x41cm
Pages: 64
Publication year: 2012
Publisher: Fremantle Press


About the authors:

Philippa Nikulinsky is the most celebrated of the wildlife artists living in Western Australia. Her particular specialty is recording the phenomenal natural history in this enormous state, a history that provides a famous national heritage that has fascinated experts and artists alike from the time of exploration onwards. Her reputation rests not merely in matters of accuracy, but in the degree of finesse and accomplishment in the design and arrangement of her subjects.

Alex Nikulinsky is a graduate of the Claremont School of Art where he also taught and exhibited. His paintings have been exhibited in the Moore’s Gallery in Fremantle.