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A Place in the Country


By Chris Ferreira
Contributions from Sabrina Hahn
Updated edition

A Place in the Country is essential reading for anyone who has, or plans to have, a rural property in Australia or New Zealand.

Whether your goal is food, profit or enjoyment, this book offers the ‘eyes wide open’ approach to creating your own beautiful, productive and sustainable rural landscape. You’ll also find expert knowledge on FireWise landscape design, best practices for protecting your property, and vital strategies for reducing the risk posed by bushfires.

Suitable for old hands and first-timers alike, and for hobby farms of all shapes and sizes, A Place in the Country gives practical advice to help you achieve long-term peace and prosperity on the land.

ISBN: 9781760992330
Dimensions: 25x21cm
Pages: 288
Publication year: 2023
Publisher: Fremantle Press


About the author:

Chris Ferreira grew up on Greenacre Riding School and watched thirty-odd horses progressively destroy his family property. But this became the catalyst for his passion to heal the land and, after studying forestry at ANU and travelling through some of the most remote and degraded parts of Asia and Africa, he came back charged with a purpose to resurrect his beloved farm.

Twelve years of planning and 30,000 plants later, this 83-acre ‘classroom’ launched Chris’s career and his award-winning program Heavenly Hectares.

Chris’s company, The Forever Project, now runs one of Australia’s most innovative sustainability and behaviour-change programs and has taught over 140,000 people how to develop resilient land and lives.

An adjunct lecturer in sustainability at Murdoch University, Chris is well known for his Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home project. He makes regular appearances on television and radio, and contributions to sustainable land management publications.